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Glad you dropped in to our website, and we hope you enjoy looking through a few of our “windows” into the wilds of Labrador. We talk about the ‘wilds” or ‘backcountry’ often on this site because in Labrador we’ve found a true wilderness that forms the perfect backdrop for the angling adventures of our imagination. The boreal forest, the tundra and the seemingly endless waters are pure and unsullied. The cold-water fisheries hold treasures – fish that have disappeared from all but the most native and pristine environments. We sincerely hope that what you see and read here will captivate you as Labrador has captivated us, and will lure you up to our neck of the northern woods.

In this age of media assault, hype and super accolade, every product and service sounds to be the “best”, “first-class”, “finest”. And you can find scads of great reviews to prove it so. Fly fishing trips are not immune to the hype.

Ever found yourself dreaming, "If I could have been here, on this river, 500 years ago?"
So how do you choose? We encourage you to do your research – talk to sporting friends, call references. Look at the scope of program opportunities as carefully as you look at the costs. Think about what you really want from a wilderness trip and compare your wishes to the programs you discover. 

We are a successful sporting camp because we’re located on a remarkable, unequaled fishery AND because every member of our team is fully committed to our philosophy: Giving our best effort to excel in all things that are within our control to ensure each guest enjoys his/her wilderness adventure to the fullest. Along our rivers, streams and ragged hills, there is magic to be found. You will see it in the eyes of our staff, hear it in the guides' stories, and feel it out there in the rugged country, unspoiled and quiet.

Labrador stays with you. The wilderness angling adventure at Three Rivers Lodge is about (and beyond) your imagination.​