Three Rivers Lodge
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Food, excellent food, is perhaps the most important ingredient in a successful sporting camp.  Frances and Judy prepare three fine meals each day - breakfast at 7:00 am, a shore lunch to order for each guest, and dinner at 7:00 pm. Their meals are well-planned, hearty and ample - almost like having Thanksgiving dinner each evening. Smells of baking bread and steaming coffee begin each morning in the cook lodge. Have your first cup near the fire, then sit down to old-fashioned breakfasts, energy for the days' work.

In the evening take a swig of red wine to toast the trophy-of-the-day.  And eat up.  Calories, yes, but you earned them. And food never tasted so good as at the end of another sporting day in paradise.

​(Note:  We can accommodate any type of special dietary needs.)
As you see to the right, TRL has a series of private guest cabins; one four-person cabin with two private bedrooms and two private bathrooms; three two-person cabins, each with a private bathroom, bedroom and a sitting room with refrigerator and wood stove.  Each of these cabins is pine-paneled and framed with local timber.  Each cabin is comfortable, tight against insect intrusion, and offers that time-proven sporting camp feeling that appeals to our traveling anglers.  Boardwalks connect all of the cabins to the cook lodge, the docks and to each other.  Without exception, our accommodations have exceeded all of our visitors' expectations.
After evening meals, the cook lodge is a friendly, comfortable place to relax and have a drink. Play crib and share the day’s stories with guides and other guests around the wood stove or in front of the fireplace. Perhaps another desert with a cup of tea. 

We have a fully equipped fly tying bench in the 'Tilt', a cozy log addition to the cook lodge.  Sit and tie your favorite patterns until your fingers and eyes give out.

Then there's the front porch, a magical place to end your day with a cold beverage and perhaps a cigar. Watch the rises on the lake's reflection of the sunset.  Hoot with the loons.  Nary a sound out there except those hoots.

Tomorrow brings another adventure.
​Down the river, we have an outpost camp that we call the '5th Rapids Camp'.  Built exactly in the same style and quality of the cabins in our main camps, this camp affords anglers the opportunity to spend two or three days and the night(s) in between fishing the very productive middle section of the river, namely rapids #3 through #8.  This section of river, especially in June and July, produces some of the most beautiful brook trout specimens we see each summer.  And the pike fishing in places like Bad Boy Bay and Ciarra's Cove is spectacular.  The camp is perched atop an esker with a view into the setting sun.  It has three bedrooms, a private bath and a kitchen and dining room, all heated by a furious wood stove.  Many guests have commented that it is a special place, one that 'exceeds the sum of its parts'.