Three Rivers Lodge
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Staff and Guides at Three Rivers Lodge
Kevin took over managing camps in 2000 and has run the show ever since. He is as life-long outdoorsman, a master of all mechanical things and the rarest of gentlemen. Ever ready to direct our guests to the many destinations on our river system, Kev is up when you awake with the coffee on, still up when you go to bed, and full throttle in between.
Through our twenty seasons, we have often remarked that without the stunning wild brook trout and their cold-water kin, we would have very few visitors in our corner of Labrador. But in addition to remarkable fish, what brings our guests back regularly is the group of "Newfies" and "Frenchmen" that spend their summers with our guests while in camp. Full of constant good cheer and ever ready with a kind, helping hand, these folks are the best, the backbone of Three Rivers Lodge. On day one, you'll be part of a new and delightful family.
Kevin Barry, Manager
The guides rightfully observe that no TRL decision is made without Frances's approval. That's the truth. Frances is brilliant - aware of every camp detail and every guest's preferences, all the while managing a topnotch food service and keeping all house-keeping matters in full control. Her perpetual smile and engaging style has earned her the title of 'camp mother'.
More than most any couple you will ever meet, Kev and Frances are a team. Their passion for the back country, for their friends new and old, and for each other lays a cloak of peace and good will over all camp activities.  They make their home in Harbor Breton, NL.
Judy is Frances's little sister and came on board when another sister, Dorothy, retired.  But no back seat for Judy.  Her will and drive in her job are relentless. And watching her and Frances in the cook lodge is first rate entertainment. When we first heard of Judy, Frances simply said "Judy is beautiful".
Anthony is also a very seasoned TRL guide (11 years) and a man of many talents.  His acumen with a carving knife to a chain saw shows itself in many of the camp's neat corners. On the water, his manner is quiet and his knowledge profound. A man of deep faith and compassion, his worth is felt by all both on the water and around camp.
Cliff returned to the staff in 2015 after a four year hiatus for family duties. 2018 will be his thirteenth season at TRL and we are all delighted to have him back. Cliff is confident, careful and packs the deepest understanding of our waters, their trout inhabitants and how to connect them with our enthusiastic anglers.
Byron is returning in 2018 season for his eighth year.  He is a steady, experienced guide who is there with the right fly and the right tactics delivered with an un- expected and timely wit. Talk with him about the more than 100 nights he spends each year in the bush.Byron is a con- sumate outdoorsman with all the skills born from his passion.
Frances Barry, Head Cook
Kev and Frances, the Team
Judy Drake, ass't cook, comedian
Anthony Pittman, guide
Cliff Randall, guide
Byron Pardy, guide
Gilles will be returning this summer to fly us around the Labrador bush.  He has thousands of hours on the Beaver and brings to our camp a commitment to professionalism that is a great comfort to the staff and our guests.  Gilles knows our waters and the weather, and he knows very well his aircraft.
Matt is not an employee of TRL, rather, he is a volunteer who has given freely of his talents to complete many camp projects over the past seventeen years. His special gift is the snowmobile trek he takes each winter with Kev and Frances to harvest saw logs and firewood for the coming summers.  Matt loves winter out on the Labrador.
Robin has been the managing Partner for TRL since its beginning. Though he is in camp most all summer long, he does his best to just stay out of the way of the superb staff that pays their closest attention to all matters of safety and service.
On the off-season, he tends his farm in Vermont and enjoys walking its woods and fields with his two Golden Retrievers.
Gilles Morin, pilot
Matt Reeve, winter specialist
Robin Reeve, Managing Partner
Georgia spent all 11 summers of her life in Labrador.  Her love for the wilderness and the people who visit gave her the fortitude to battle lymphoma for three and a half years.  We lost her just before Christmas '13, but her spirit still swims the waters, runs the hills, and looks for food scraps on the dining room floor.
Billy Bear will be returning this season for his fourteenth summer.  The clear, cold water, the fish, the smells of all things wild, and mostly, the people, provide him with the greatest of canine experiences. (That and the treats he is too liberally given by Frances and Judy - spoiled rotten, he is). He loves meeting each new guest and can hear the plane coming before any of the humans.
Georgia (2002 - 2013) and Billy Bear, camp dogs

Alex Cauchy Richer, guide
Alex will be back in camp again for the 2018 season. He lives the outdoor life and has been around fly fishing for the majority of his short life. He comes to us with young legs plus a lot of experience. A licensed NL guide, Alex comes calls Quebec his home and dreams of adventures in the Labrador wilderness. 
Sam, camp dog-in-training (still!)
2018 will bring Sam's fifth summer in camp. He is an extremely athletic Golden,  highly energized, and runs the woodlands and creeks edges at full tilt.
He gets most excited at a hooked fish, but will wait (impatiently) on the shoreline for just a quick sniff. But like his Uncle Billy Bear, he finds each arriving guest his greatest delight.
Emile Gagnon, guide
Emile joined the TRL staff for the 2016 season and will be returning for 2018. A passionate flyfisher since age 10 and an avid tyer since 15, he brings with him his degree in Wildlife Management and a deep passion for fly fishing. Prior to his TRL gig, Emile spent two summers guiding Atlantic salmon on the Gaspe. Guests envied, but appreciated his youth and enthusiasm for all things in nature.
Thibault Lief, guide
Thibault joins us for the 2018 season and brings years of guiding experience with him. Equally important, he completes the "Three Amigos" joining Emile and Alex as the TRL French Connection.