About TRL

Three Rivers Lodge (TRL) is a wilderness fly fishing camp located in the Labrador bush some 150 miles northeast of Labrador City and Wabush, twin mining towns in the southwest corner of Labrador. We offer fly anglers exclusive access to the remote, nutrient-rich streams, rapids and lakes of the Woods River system. Our main camps are on Crossroads Lake, a broad reach of the Woods river where we land the float planes. We also have a full amenity outpost camp down river at the 5th Rapids where guests spend a night or two while they fish the productive middle section of the river.

To my fellow fly anglers, adventurers, lovers of wild places,

One of my most vivid and magical memories is that moment my float plane first touched down in the Labrador wilderness. I remember well the excitement, the drama, the limitless expectations. I remind myself and my staff of this exciting anticipation before each week's guests arrive in camp because we know you feel - the years you have dreamed of fishing this wilderness, the many events of daily life you will need to maneuver just to make the trip, and the investment you are considering.

Here's my promise: we will work tirelessly to make this adventure worth your while.

Labrador remains wild country, at least for now. With the manufacturing demands of the new global economy, mineral-rich places like our wilderness are at risk. Surely Labrador will eventually feel the creep of civilization. If you cherish wild places, and in particular, those where rivers flow unsullied and cold water fishes thrive, you may want to move Labrador to the top of your bucket list. With its hard granite surfaces and maze of waterways, the Labrador landscape offers formidable resistance to exploration. Hope is that she holds fast to her secrets and wild ways. We die-hard fly anglers deserve such retreats.

We'd enjoy meeting you here!

Robin Reeve, managing partner