Three Rivers Lodge

The TRL Difference

We get many questions about TRL and Labrador from potential guests who have never been to Labrador or who have been to one of Labrador’s other lodges. Why should I come to TRL instead of another lodge? Why Labrador instead of Alaska, New Zealand, or Argentina?

Here are some of our priorities and practices that we feel make Three Rivers Lodge exciting and distinct.


Because we are in a very remote area, the safety of our guests and staff is of paramount importance. Every year, we train and retrain our staff in first aid, CPR, small boat handling, and wilderness survival. We provide high quality equipment for our guides; the best boats and motors, certified aircraft, and communications including radios and satellite phones. Each guide carries a satellite phone at all times so they can respond to an emergency situation.


We have practiced a strict catch and release philosophy since day 1. More importantly, we disperse our fishing activities over a very large area minimizing the pressure that even a few anglers per week can put on a river system. This effort includes investing in far more boats and motors than would be normally required as well as providing a float plane in camp to efficiently move our anglers to the more distant fisheries.

Native Trout in their Natural Environment

So why come to TRL instead of New Zealand, Argentina and Chile? In addition to the easy answer that we are much closer, our Labrador brook trout are native fish, swimming in their ancestral waters in the natural environment where they evolved. All of the trout in New Zealand, Chile and Argentina are imports. They are non-native fish that have been transplanted into an new environment. While the fishing for these transplants is exciting and the scenery is undoubtedly beautiful, we feel that there is a special magic in an angler’s feeling of connection with nature that comes from catching native fish in their natural environment. And to make it even sweeter, wild Labrador brook trout are the life's most beautiful fresh water fish.

River vs. Flat-water Fishing

One of the major distinctions between TRL and other Labrador lodges is that all of our brook trout fishing in the streams and rivers. This is partly due to our personal preferences for wading and partly to the volume of moving waters in our system. Many Labrador lodges are situated on lakes and you spend the vast majority of your week sitting in a canoe, occasionally visiting the inlet or outlet to stretch your legs. While you can certainly chose to spend your week in a canoe at TRL if that’s your preference, we have found that most people enjoy the feel of the river and flowing water so much that they want to spend most of their time knee deep in the river. 


Three Rivers Lodge is 150 miles from the nearest town, but that’s not all. We only allow 8 fly fishers onto our huge watershed at any one time. The only people you will see while on the river are your partner and your guide, unlike Alaska lodges, for example, where there could be 30 or more anglers in camp and where you frequently compete with other lodges for a place to stand in the river.


Another thing that distinguishes TRL from other Labrador lodges is that we include two fly-outs on our river system in the price of our weekly package. This allows us to fly you to one of our outpost camps for an overnight stay or to simply spend the day on that remote stream that looked good from the air, or to reach that off-the-map spot where the brookies are stacked up like cordwood.